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More Lareine CDs for sale

Selling some more Lareine items, all items are in great condition unless otherwise noted:

Vampire Romance Omnibus Single - $15

Contains music by Lareine, Ribbon and New Sodmy.
  1. New Sodmy -- Phantom
  2. Ribbon -- Territory
  3. Lareine -- Vampire Romance
Grand Pain Single + VHS (First Press) - $15

Contains an 8cm single with Grand Pain and the voiceless version, as well as a VHS tape with the PV and other clips.

Blue Romance mini album (1997) w/obi - $40

This is relatively hard to find at this point, hence the higher price.  The Lareine fan looking to complete their collection will definitely be interested in this one.  The tracklist is as follows:
  1. Aoi Genei
  2. Blue Romance
  4. Féerie
  5. Kisetsufuu
BLUE ROMANCE ~Yasashii Hanatachi no Kyousou~ album -- Limited Edition - $40

The little plastic bits that hold the CD in the case have broken off just a bit, and there's some wear on the otuside cardboard cover that holds the entire package of CD + cinematic book together, but this is definitely worth the price.
  1. Destinée "Higeki no Asa" ~La tragédie du matin~
  2. Blue Romance "Omoi" ~La pensée~
  3. Kisetsufuu "Omoide no Kaze" Le vent du souvenir~
  4. Solitude "Kagami no Ma" ~Le salon du miroire~
  5. Hishu no Hanazono "Ketsubetsu no Bara" ~L'adieu d'avêc le passé~
  6. Féerie "Fuan" ~La inquiétude~
  7. Saikai no Hana "Kibo" ~L'éspoir~
  8. Romancia "Unmei no Mayoi" ~La diacorde~
fierté no Umi to Tomo ni Kiyu ~The Last of Romances~ album -- First Press -- $60

This is another must-have for the serious Lareine fan.  I consider this to be their best album, and would not be parting with it were it not for serious financial need relating to medical issues.  There's some minor scuffing on the cardboard case holding all the items, but other than that, it's in great condition.  This is, without a doubt, one of the best concept albums I've ever heard.  If you're a Lareine fan, you need this album!
  1. The World of Romance
  2. Kaze no Yuuwaku
  3. émeraude ~umi ni miserarete~
  4. Suna no shiro de nemuru koibito
  5. Billet ~osanaki natsu no binsen~
  6. retour
  7. Yosei no Kuni ~Runrun March~
  8. Pink no Kasa
  9. Paris wa Aki-iro
  10. Shiroi Ito
  11. RUTORUBAIYU no Bansan
  12. Fuyu Tokyo
  13. Je t'aime
  14. Ano Hito no Aishita Hito nara
  15. fiançailles
  16. fierté no umi to tomo ni kiyu
- - - - - - -

Shipping is $5 in the US, $10 outside the US, and insurance is extra depending on the value of the items purchased.

I prefer Paypal, but will accept postal money orders in US Dollars and cash (at your own risk).

To buy an item, just email me at deathpiano@gmail.com


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