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selling: dir en grey items + visible secret 1 & 2

i'm selling dir en grey's final 2003 5 ugly kingdom DVD, tour 00 >> 01 macabre, their VULGAR album[sold], due to the fact that i'm not that keen on them anymore :/, and the collector's edition of visible secret 1 & 2

[ i apologise for the bad quality, my camera is crappy ~.~ ]

final 2003 5 ugly kingdom

tour 00 >> 01 macabre

collector's edition of visible secret 1 & 2

my email is, if you want any more information - or you can just pose a question via ebay.


UK bidders: paypal [ you must pay for the fee as well ], cheques and money, but only as a last resort. if you do decide to send money please make sure that it's well concealed. a good way to do this is to place newspaper on either side of the money [ for notes ] and if you are sending coins, sellotape them to a piece of paper and then insert that between the newspaper. if the money gets stolen during transit you will still have to pay. no e-cheques please.

international bidders: paypal only.

anyway, the listings are on ebay:
final 2003 5 ugly kingdom
tour 00 >> 01 macabre
visible secret 1 & 2


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