torch (yiching) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Wishlist! ♥

I'm interested in buying/trading for the following items:

Doujinshi/doujin items
anything by Yubinbasya, including keychains, letter sheets, calendars, etc. Seriously. I've been going crazy from trying to complete my collection. Checking LJ sale communities, eBay, and JPQueen has become part of my daily routine. =P

Please don't try to rip me off by asking ridiculous prices. I'm not desperate enough to pay $30 USD for something that originally cost 1000 yen.

New Super Mario [NDS]--cartridge only!
Mario 64 [NDS]--cartridge only!
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [GBA]--cartridge only!

I accidentally threw out the cartridges for those three games while cleaning my room, so I'd like to buy them again.

Fullmetal Alchemist Premium Collection DVD
Tackey & Tsubasa CDs (only limited/first press)
Imai Tsubasa's Tsubacon DVD

I'd much rather trade for these items than buy them because my credit cards are pretty much maxed out from unexpected school tuition fees. Please check out my sales journal, ysale. It has 150+ items (CDs, manga, cute Asian items) up for sale right now, and I plan on updating it with several dozen more sometime this weekend.

However, if you can't find anything that you want on ysale, I'd be happy to just buy stuff on my wishlist from you. =)

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