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&hearts Looking for KERA Magazines~

Hi, everyone! I'm looking to buy the following KERA magazines~

# 2 - 1998
# 3 - 1998
# 4 - 1998
# 32 - May 2001
# 34 - July 2001
# 44 - May 2002
# 101 - December 2006
# 103 - February 2007

If anyone has these issues and are willing to sell them, PLEASE contact me! Leave me a comment here, or e-mail me at: suki_ban[AT]hotmail[DOT]com. I'd love to get these in good to like new condition. As long as no pages are missing, ripped, cut out, etc., then I'm interested! [Since I'm kind of desperate for those older issues, please contact me if you have an old one, even if it's a little beat up ^^;]

I prefer to pay with Paypal, but can also send money orders for anyone that doesn't have Paypal.

*** I also have KERA August 2006, Volume #97 for sale! It is in brand new condition, still in the plastic wrapping that it came to me in. I can trade, or sell it for $10 shipped [within USA and includes delivery confirmation; international shipping will be a bit more, so please let me know where you live~] ~ Currently on HOLD!

Thanks for looking! :]

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