Touya Shinobi (touyams) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Touya Shinobi

Doraemon and Sailor Stars

First time posting. I hope I don't do anything wrong. Delete if this isn't allowed and I'll go back to stalkinglooking. D:

I've been lurkinglooking around and I can't seem to find anything Doraemon or Sailor Stars. [Or am I just blind?] It's two different friends that's looking for two different things. But both only can do concealed cash.

The first friend [let's call her Mattie to make it easier] is looking for literally anything Doraemon. ...Literally, anything.
Touya Shinobi: First, exactly what kind of Doraemon merchandise are you looking for?
Mattie: ..What do you mean? Eh..Lead pencil, stuff animal, any kind..
Mattie: Even a plate. XD
Touya Shinobi: So ANYTHING?

The second friend [Kiwi, nickname for her] is looking for Sailor Stars the manga volume 1.

Why am I posting for them? Because those two bums are too lazy to get an LJ themselves. [Or too lazy.]

Please comment back to me if you have any of those two and I'll give their contact information so you may communicate.

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