to_shiki (to_shiki) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Where's the Rent Monies? o.O?

Hey everyone. I just bought a Wii...with my rent monies...Oops. Which means I need monies for rent now. Here's some things cluttering up my already messy room. Prices include shipping within the US, $3 more for outside of. Sorry for the bad pictures, the digital camera and I are still getting to know each other better. Paypal's preferred, but let us talk of other forms if need be. ^_~ $3/each VHS(yes, I'm that old!): Cardcaptor Sakura vol 1, 2, 3; Maps vol 1 & 2; Kimera; Street Fighter II V TV series; Sorcerer Hunters Spell Wars vol 1-4; and I'm Gonna Be An Angel $25 cosplay shoes size 8 womens new insoles put in for comfort ^_~ $10 cosplay shoes size 8 womans $10 FF7 Doujinshi Jenova Project Disk 2 $10 Naruto Doujinshi Kakashi/Sasuke

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