The Defective Girl (kesson_shojo) wrote in garagesalejapan,
The Defective Girl

SELLING: ds games, FRUiTs jan 07

hello all!

I have some ds games and a FRUiTS magazine I am looking to sell! I will take the best offer and give prioraty to those who can pay the fastest. I can only take paypal right now. I have feedback in my journal!

ds games(

Yoshi's Island ds
Lunar: dragon's song
Tenchu: dark secret
The Sims 2
Nintendogs: dachshund and friends
Full metal Alchemist: dural sympathy

and I have january 2007's issue of FRUiTS I have only looked at it once and it is in perfect condition!

hope to hear from you soon! I need this stuff GONE!
thanks alot
kesson.shojo @

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