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Hey all! the time has come for me to part with some stuff. Unfortunatly I dont have a camera handy to show the items but I will try to do my best in explaining the items ^^;

I am selling (and this is all or best offer too!):

The original sailor moon houses (imported from japan). They are in the original boxes with nearly all of the little items they came with (an example, Mercury's has like 20 little books with her house) $60.00

Chobits english graphic novels 1-6 $30

Chobits 5 imported from Japan $10

Yu-gi-oh Manga imported from Japan 1-11 and 14 $60

Cowboy Bebop graphic novels 1-3 $15

Ah! Megami Sama! 2-4 9 10 and 17 Imported from japan :$30

These prices do not include shipping. I will ship to anywhere. I accept moneyoreder only as paypal is not working for me and they dont seem to respond><
Feel free to respond here or email me at

all are in perfect condition unless otherwise stated

Happy holidays all!
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