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SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. I'm tired of people saying they want something and never replying to my comments!

Serge & Lenna/Rena CHRONO CROSS Keychains (these are in the mail, so in about a month I'll have them, I can reserve them for you)

TaixMatt Taito Digimon Doujinshi
Final Fantasy VIII All-char gag Doujinshi

DEATH NOTE Binsen/Stationary Lot of 5

Parasite Eve II Official Strategy Guide
Final Fantasy VIII Official Strategy Guide

Digimon Takuya/FRONTIER Handbag

Note that all of these are console ONLY, no cords/controllers ect:
Sega CD Console -used, cannot test, worked when last used-
SNES Console -used, cannot test, but worked when last used-
N64 Console -TESTED, WORKS!-

Witch Hunter Robin Artbox + vol 1, 2, + 4 and disc to vol 3
Haibane-Renmei w/artbox complete -no shitajiki- $45.00 shipped only!

Note that these are pending because a friend has them, but you can inquire:
Final Fantasy X-2 LIMITED Edition Strategy Guide -guide only, PAINE edition-
Final Fantasy X-2 Video Game -complete-

Details, Images, and lowered prices on past items (I'll take best offers, too!): angelchansales

I'm moving, this stuff needs to go. Just offer a price, I reply every day ^^

Trades are only for items here: Video Game/Guide Book WISH LIST

Payment Paypal, money order if I have to but prefer paypal

Thank you

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