Haiiro -灰色- (haiiro) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Haiiro -灰色-

FOR SALE: Cure mags, Manga

I need a little extra money so I'm selling my CURE Magazines, and am trying to sale two manga that didn't get bought last time. I take Paypal (preferred), personal check, or WELL CONCEALED CASH (at your own risk.) (If paying by check, items will be held until the check clears)

Shipping is $5. ONLY US BUYERS PLEASE.

Comment or e-mail me at kouryuu_the_river_rat@yahoo.com, with item wanted and payment method.

All are $8, unless otherwise noted. (in bold) (I paid $15 for each) Condition descriptions under each mag (determines possible lower price).

-Vol. 29. February 2006. (WITHOUT POSTER) Cover: LARIENE Features: Phantasmagoria, Cannival Method, 12012, KLACK, MADARA, Metis Gretal, and more!
Flipped through a few times. Good condition. Slight spine damage on the bottom, worn corners, slightly bent bottom left corner. - $6

-Vol. 30 March 2006. (WITHOUT POSTER) Cover: Kannivalism. Features: WHITEBLACK, Phantasmagoria, RENTRER EN SOI, 12012, bis, and more!
Flipped through a few times. Great condition. Very slightly bent left corner, small bend at tip of right corner, no spine damage.

-Vol. 33. June 2006. (WITHOUT POSTER) Cover: D Features: RENTER EN SOI, bis, 12012, GHOST, Plastic, KENZI, HIZAKI, CANDY, bis and more!
Flipped through a few times. Excellent condition. No bends, very minor shelf wear on bottom and top of spine

-Vol 36. September 2006 (WITH POSTER)- Cover: Kagerou Features: RENTRER EN SOI, Phantasmagoria, Wizard, Celt, Pashaya, Gossip, SCREW, KuRt and more!
Flipped through once, excellent condition. VERY slightly bent corner, comes with poster)

**Manga is boyxboy, English releases**
Price is $8 each (Original price: $13)

-La Esperanca vol. 1
Chigusa Kawai
Read only once! Excellent condition, like new! VERY MINOR shelf wear at top of dust jacket)

-Our Kingdom vol. 1
Naduki Koujima
Read twice. Excellent condition, like new! VERY MINOR shelf wear at top of dust jacket)


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