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Wanting To Buy/Trade!!!

I'm still looking for the following items... ^_^

English Manga:

Battle Royale
Hana Kimi
Kill Me Kiss Me 3+
Girl Got Game 3+
DNAngel 4+
Kare Kano 8+
Lament Of The Lamb
Evil's Return 3+

DVDs in region 1 (unless noted)

Battle Royale (all-region)
X TV Series 4-8 (and the slipcover for 2)


Marmalade Boy 1-4
Ragnarok 4

Anime Region 1 dvd US release (unless noted)

Sakura Diaries vols. 2-4 R1 dvd (ADV)
Real Bout High School vol. 4 R1 dvd (Tokyopop)
Gate Keepers vols. 1-3 R1 dvd (Pioneer)
The Vision Of Escaflowne 3 dvd set (all-region) >>>it's still available since the person who wants these back out!<<<
**i think this is honkong dvd but it's
dual language (japanese and enlish) and has english subtitles
it's also like the US release (particularly the voices)

***Anime VHS tapes (all dubbed and original licensed) all prices of these includes shipping
Ayane's High Kick $5
*Tenchi Muyo In Space 1-3 $4 each
*Tenchi Muyo: The Last Battle $4
GateKeepers vol. 4 vhs tape (dubbed) in very good condition and brand new! $6 shipped! and has the limited item id tag for kaoru

Comic books:

Skin Graft 2,3,4 (of 4) DC Vertigo -plastic wrapped each!
The Mummy Archives no.1 (Millenium) *in aplastic wrap
Tribe April 1 (Image) *in a plastic wrap


The Talisman by Stephen King (HB)
Four Past Midnight by Stephen King (HB)
Hannibal by Thomas Harris
Red Dragon by Thomas Harris
Dreamweaver by Penina Keen Spinka
Shakespeare's Stories: Tragedies retold by Beverly Birch
Adobe Illustrator 8.0 User Guide
101 Dalmatians

Audio Tapes:
Servant Of The Bones by Anne Rice
Merrick (VAmpire Chronicles) by Anne Rice

Dolls Of All Nation!


...let me know if you want something... thanks!

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