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DS: M10M posters, Invite to Immorality DVD, MM La collection des singles

I accept Paypal and Money orders (the normal green is ok). I only ship via USA postal office because it's near to my city and I can go every week :) (and if you're in USA you will receive your stuff quickly!)

If you want to see feedback my Ebay username is bagtmana

Please clic on the numbers to see the pics :)

1. Moi dix Mois Beyond the Gate Poster
1  / 2

It's like new, there's a little torn (about 1cm) in the top of the poster, but nothing too noticeable. Everything else is perfect.
Price: 9USD
Shipping: 6USD within USA, 9USD International

2. Moi dix Mois Lamentful Miss Poster

Perfect condition! I unrolled it just for the photos.
Price: 10USD
Shipping: 6USD within USA, 9 International

3. Moi dix Mois postcards

They're in perfect condition. Free if you buy La collection des singles, or the M10M DVD.

SET 1: 3 USD
SET 2: 4 USD
Shipping: 1USD within USA, 2USD international.

4.  Malice Mizer La Collection des Singles
1 / 2 / 3

Perfect condition. The music box works. The music CD has a pair of minor scratches but besides that everything else is perfect.
If you buy it, I will add a set of M10M postcards for free (you choose which set)

Price: SOLD Thank you ^^

Shipping: 9USD within USA, 14 International (it's a little heavy!)

5. Moi dix Mois Invite to Immorality DVD Limited Edition
1 / 2 / 3

Very good condition. The booklet is in perfect condition, the CD1 has a few of minor scratches but it plays perfect. CD2 is like new.
If you buy it, I will add a set of M10M postcards for free (you choose which set)

Price: 46USD (Original price is ~70$ and now is only available for Mon+Amour members)

Shipping: 5USD within USA, 8USD International

If you're interested please PM me or email me to: bagt(at)

Thank you :)

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