Katchoo (gamingangel) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hi! I have a few more things I am trying to sell. Everyone who has bought from me, your items are going out tomorrow. ^_^

Brand new low prices. I take paypal only and will figure out shipping when you win.

Meta Lucky pack dress from spring 2006

This is such a cute dress and I have worn it once.

Price: $50

Angelic Pretty Sailor dress
I got this from Closet Child and have never worn it. I have lowered the price alot just cause I don't want it in my closet anymore! lol

Price $50

Happy Berry purse
This has never been used. I bought it at last year's Anime Expo. It's the authentic purse that you can wear as a bag or backpack.

Price: $25

Officially license Nana Merchandise
I bought this at Anime Expo also and never used it. I don't have much space so I'm letting it go!

Price : $20

These two cosplay magazines I can sell together for $10

This is a Goso Ruri magazine (I think). It has all the patterns inside. Volume 6

Price : $15

This is a GLB Vol. 20. It's bent on one corner so it's really cheap: $10 Also has patterns inside.


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