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Cleaning Out Meh Closet :D

Looks like I have a whole mess of stuffs that need a new home and a little cash in my pocket (I beling a straving hair dresser and all.... XD)
Please pick through what I have. I take PAYPAL, Postal Money Order, or Concealed Cash -at your own risk- Please leave me a message if you find anything to be of your liking! All are priced with shipping with in USA.
CD and CD singles
Kannivalism/Ritori Single - 7 shipped
Minimoni/ Song Daihyakka 1 Kan (ミニモニ。ソング大百科1巻)- 8 Shipped
Pleur/La premiere porte - 8 shipped
Izam Presents the best of the Cultrue Club - 7 Shipped
YURA-sama • Gensui • Metal: Aladdin to Star Ocean no Hihou?? single with ex- PLC member and other VA Visual Artists - 8 shipped.
GAMEBOY SP (comes with Power Supply, Super Mario Brothers, and PACMAN games) 25 shipped
does have some light scuffing on the top. EVERYTHING ELSE is good condition
Ichi the Killer - 7 Shipped
Audition - 7 Shipped
INDIES (HARD TO FIND) DEMO TAPES of Aya's band (ex. member Missalina Rei) CANDY CRUSH SPEAKER
EACH DEMO - 8 shipped
Charmy Kitty Phone Holder - 8 Shipped
Charmy Kitty IPOD holder - 8 shipped (still has tags)
Charmy Kitty Pin - 5 shipped
Plush Charmy Hangy - 6 shipped
Marie Hat (with tags!) - 7 shipped
Marie Pen - 3 shipped

Thanks for looking~!

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