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h.naoto dress & pink lolita bonnet

Body Line pink bonnet
*nice lace (Much nicer than the usual bodyline fare)
*ties under chin
*retails at 5229 yen
*only worn once for a couple hours
here are some pics (sorry about the lack of quality, my camera's flash makes it hard to get close pics)
closeup of lace (kinda)

$40 shipped in US OBO

h.NAOTO “h.ANARCHY” label black dress
-garment width: 18 in.
-length from hips to bottom of skirt: ~10 ½ in
-total length (not counting the extra material hanging from skirt): 32 in

I am a D-cup and the top is, as expected, pretty tight on me. I would recommend this for girls with busts smaller than 38" or so. However, my weight has fluctuated a lot from when I bought it to the last time I tried it on, from a size 10 at the smallest to 14 at the largest, and it still fits ok everywhere else; a friend of mine who is a size 5 wore it for a photoshoot and it looked baggy and cute on her, so it can fit a number of different sizes.
*bondage straps around waist that can be altered in length and location using the snaps and various D-rings on the skirt
*deconstructed-looking skirt with extra material on the bondage straps
*pleated mini skirt (low waist)
*printed on with text in another shade of black
*buttons on top are just decoration, the dress actually zips up and is very easy to wear
*red stitching
*looks adorable with a petticoat or can be worn for a more streamlined look without one
*I only wore it once, and a friend wore it once for a photoshoot. Excellent condition. I’m hoping it will go to someone who will wear it more than I did XD

Front (sorry these are hard to see)

buttons on front



back of skirt

$105 shipped in US, or best offer

**I prefer paypal but can accept concealed cash and checks**

thanks :D

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