Sarah the crab (sarah_the_crab) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Sarah the crab

Selling Manga

I'm cleaning out some manga. Titles include:
Until the Full Moon
Angelic Layer
Tokyo Babylon
Magic Knight Rayearth II
Please Save My Earth
Alice 19th
One Piece

Until the Full Moon vol.1 & Fake vol.4
Inu-Yasha Animaga vol.2 & Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Film Comic (Japanese)

Angelic Layer vol. 2 & 4 (has discard stamped on top and young adult sticker on spine) $4 shipped each
Tokyo Babylon vol. 1 & 3 $5 shipped each

Magic Knight Rayearth II vol.1 $5 shipped
Please Save My Earth vol.3 $5 shipped

Alice 19th vol. 4 & 5 $5 shipped each

One Piece vol. 1 & 11 (Japanese) $5 shipped each


Megumi Hayashibara singles

Question at Me & Booska Booska!! $5 shipped each

I take paypal only. Shipping is via Media Mail and included in the price however insurance is an additional $1.50.

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