neko_tachi (neko_tachi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

12% off doujinshi sale 1.5 days only ~ Paypal only

Due to the 3 new additions to my Comp Crap family (new printer, new
scanner, and new 250 gig hard drive *_*) I'll be having a quickie one
and a half day sale. Almost 500 doujinshi in stock!

As immediate funds are what I'm after, sorry, Paypal only. ^^;; Sale is 12% off. You'll see the discount when you add to your cart) and even the clearance items are included in the sale!

Sale does not apply to pre-existing orders and only to in-stock doujinshi.

Why 12%? For a nice change from my usual 10%, and I figured you'd
all appreciate it more than a 8% sale. ;)

Non-credit card Paypal payments you will have to choose "INVOICE" as your
option and put "Non-credit card Paypal" as a comment when you order)

will receive a sheet of this PRINCE OF TENNIS BINSEN (doujinshi stationary sheet)

For the non-credit/debit card Paypal payments: I will send you a money request from my personal PP, and I must receive your non-credit/debit card Paypal payment within 2 days.


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