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Anime, Manga, Jrock, KPop, Asian Movies, and Plushies

Shipping will be calculated according to where you are, but if you are attending Megacon in two weeks, I wouldn't mind delivering it to you in person if you'd like. :) If you're interested in pictures of any of the items listed, let me know and I'll get them for you. Everything is in near-perfect condition unless otherwise stated.

I accept Paypal in terms of payment, and I'd rather not take money orders or checks since I need the money somewhat soon. :\

Prices are negotiable to a certain extent. Just let me know if you'd like to work something out~

-Descendants of Darkness 1-4 (complete series): $70
-Trigun 1: $15
-Witch Hunter Robin 1 + 2: $25
-Weiss Kruez 1: $15
-X 1 with boxset box: $17

-Mars 1-5: $30
-Ceres: Celestial Legend 1-8 (first four are the old school style bigger ones) $60
-Gravitation 1-12 (complete series): $85
-Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi 1: $5

Jrock (and one k-pop):
-Dir en grey [xx] photobook (rough around the edges, spine is bent back a little from scanning): $40 sold!
-Dir en grey Kyo shirt (L) (front, back): $20 (on hold)
-L'arc~en~Ciel Light My Fire Tour VCD (case has scratches on it): $20
-La'rc~en~Ciel Best of c/w (CD + DVD): $30
-Shiina Ringo Electric Mole concert DVD: $40
-Puffy Amiyumi Spike CD (with a postcard and sticker): $5
-Puffy Amiyumi American tour shirt (no size, but looks like an L) (front, back): $12
-Fool's Mate January 2004 (Ryuichi Kawamura on the cover): $12
-Fool's Mate October 2003 (MUCC on the cover): $12
-Arena 37c November 2003 (w-inds on the cover): $12
-Shinhwa Vol. 7 Brand New Special Edition (CD + VCD): $35

-Battle Royale: $10 sold!
-The Returner: $10
-Bio-Zombie: $10

-Tony Tony Chopper: $7 sold!
-hide: $25
-Chii: $10
-Kamui: $10

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