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.Hack//Sign LIMITED EDITION DVDs--New and Sealed!! With OSTs and LIMITED OST Box

The plastic wrap around the slipcovers was removed because I wanted to check the contents and listen to the soundtracks. The DVDs are still sealed and have never been watched, and I listened to the OSTs only once.



The plastic wrap for volumes 2, 5, and 6 were already missing when I removed the slipcovers. However, all DVDs still have the sticky title seal at the top.

Limited OST box and OSTs:

I'm pretty sure that the "2245" at the bottom of the OST box is the number of the release. So the OST box is #2245 out of the 15000 released.

OST 1:

OST 2:

OST 3:

There's a crack on the cover of the .hack//Liminality 2 CD OST case. It's the diagonal line towards the bottom center, not the vertical line on the left side. That vertical line is part of the booklet design. =P

Anyway, that crack was already there when I bought the limited edition DVDs. I've listened to the CDs only once since opening them, so the CDs and the other CD cases are still in perfect condition.

Price: Make an offer! :D

Payment: PayPal, money order, well concealed cash (at your own risk)
Shipping: Will ship worldwide! ♥

Also, there are currently 150+ CDs, manga, and cute Asian items up for sale at ysale. I'll be adding another 200+ items within the next week. =)

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