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[Sale] Consolidated Gackt stuff for sale

Okay, the previous 2 times when I was selling my Gackt stuff, there were some interested buyers but not all stuff got cleared out due to shipping problems in the end.

This time round, I worked out a deal with my sister and I can now take payment via Paypal (provided it's not credit-card payment but from the balance of your Paypal account).

Here's the remainder of the Gackt stuff leftover.

Title:2002 Official Gackt Calendar
Price: S$35
Condition: Excellent (never hung before, just took it out twice to look and drool)
Remarks: I apologise for the lack of pictures for this item but it'll kill the calendar if I took pictures of it.

Title: Subarashiki Kana Jinsei Photobook (Oricon Style)
Price: S$60
Condition: Mint
Remarks: This is a 142 page photo + interview book released by Oricon Style. Contains interviews done with Gackt over a period of time.

Title: Gackt Mizerable ~Hisho~
Price: S$68
Condition: Mint
Remarks: I did not take pictures of the inside of the photobook coz I didn’t want to remove the plastic cover and in the process, damage the photobook. The pictures inside are mostly from his Mizerable period.

Title: Just Bring It Live Tour 2002 Photobook
Price: S$60
Condition: Excellent
Remarks: 118 page photobook of Gackt’s 2002 Live Tour. The other side of the cover of the photobook opens out to a poster.

Title: Zappy May 2001
Price: S$7
Condition: Excellent
Remarks: Contains a 4 page article of Gackt, 1 page of Rebirth album ad and 1 poster of Gackt.

Title: R&R Newsmaker January 2003
Price: S$12
Condition: Mint
Remarks: 14 page spread on Gackt plus 1 huge double-sided poster of Gackt. Other artistes include Tetsu69, Dir en grey, SADS, Sugizo etc.

Title: Popbeat October 2001
Price: S$17
Condition: Mint
Remarks: 17 page spread on Gackt plus 1 double-sided poster of Gackt. Includes a sheet of Gackt stickers (unused).

Title: Popbeat October 2000
Price: S$10
Condition: Excellent
Remarks: 16 page spread on Gackt plus a sheet of Gackt stickers. However, 1 sticker has been used (see picture above).

Title: Ultra Veat Volume 66
Price: S$22
Condition: Excellent
Remarks: 20 page spread on Gackt, 2 pages of Another World single ad plus 1 poster of Gackt. Other artistes include Pierrot, Dir en grey, Plastic Tree, Malice Mizer etc.

Title: Ultra Veat Volume 71
Price: S$18
Condition: Mint
Remarks: 15 page spread on Gackt plus 1 poster of Gackt. Other artistes include Buck-Tick, Plastic Tree, Dir en grey, Malice Mizer etc.

Title: Official Requiem Letter Set comprising of 1 letter pad, 6 envelopes and 6 sticker seals.
Price: S$27
Condition: Mint
Remarks: Never used before.

Title: Photo set of 3
Price: S$3
Condition: Fair

Title: Platinum Box III
Price: S$85
Condition: Mint
Remarks: Includes a poster of Gackt but it is folded (as I got it when I originally bought the said item from HMV Japan).

Title: Video Vanilla (VHS)
Price: S$12
Condition: Excellent
Tracklist: 1. Vanilla 2. Vanilla (instrumental) 3. Vanilla (night version)

Please read through these conditions before you decide whether to buy:

a. All prices are final and non-negotiable. All prices are in Singapore dollars.
b. All prices do not include shipping fees.
c. I can only accept well-concealed Singapore dollars via registered mail and buyer bears the risk of loss. Alternatively, I can accept payment via Paypal provided the payment is through the balance in your Paypal account and not via credit card.
d. For shipping fees, please enquire. I will send the item by registered airmail but if you prefer Speedpost EMS, it can be arranged but it will be more expensive.
e. If you buy multiple items, shipping will of course be combined and hence, cheaper.
f. My email is ribichee @ yahoo.co.uk (remove the spaces between "@" but ribichee remains an entire word).
g. You can enquire either by emailing me or leaving a comment at this post BUT please do not leave a comment on my private LJ. I will try to respond as fast as I can but as I am working, it may take 1 or 2 days.
h. I apologise for the poor pictures as the same were taken at night after work.
i. Please don’t flame me for the prices coz I paid higher prices for most of these items listed and most of the items are kept in MINT or EXCELLENT condition.

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