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SALE: Manga, Anime DvD's, Doujinshi, Dolls

Hi everyone, yup its me..

The things I am selling today are from my collection. Most are duplicates and I dont need them anymore so I figure since I allready have them I would give them to someone who would care for them.

PAYMENT: Paypal (Only if you have no other way) Money Order, Cash (AT YOUR OWN RISK)

Manga: (The condition will be between - - thease)

PRICE: 3.50 + each.. name your price, just make it fair, and leave your Zip for shipping.

Genjuno Seiza. #1. (From the Creators of Pet shop of Horros!)-Good-

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. #1. (the Sequel to the origional Kingdom Hearts manga)-fair-

Vampire Doll. #1. -Good-

Princess Prince. #1. (This one has Yaoi/Yuri/Crossdressing all the way thru it)-good-

A Midnight Opera. #1. -good-

Galaxy Angels. (Deluxe Edition) #1. -good-

Cromartie High School. #2. -fair-

High School Girls. #1. -fair-

Mark of the Succubus. #1. -good-

Innocent W. #1. -good-

Model. #4. (I do have more volumes than this one, but at the moment #4. is the only one that wants to show up in her room. lol) -good-

The World Exists For Me. #1. -good-

Broken Angels. #1. & #2. -good-

PRICE: Over 10.00 make offer.. Zip code for shipping.

I do not know the name of this Doujinshi but it has Yoko Kurama and Hiei.. It has a lot of Yaoi goodness, and is VERY graphic.. (lots of bondage, hard yaoi, and kissing.) I wish I knew the name, it has Yoko Kurama nude with a orange blanket overing his sholders while he is holding Hiei who is trying to cover himself up with a blue blanket.

Price: MAKE AN OFFER on ANY.. just leave your Zip code.

Mythical Detective Loki - RAGNAROK #1&2.


Dir en Grey: Ryojoku no Ame [Regular Edition]

X-Men Evolution Complete 3rd Season.

PRICE: Each doll is make an offer but realise that I will not take under their value. I know how much they cost new and im not asking for that (unless they are a limited item and then you should know what the value is anyways), but I will take reasonible offers. Remember to leave your Zip code for shipping.

Patty Pain Gothic Nurse Doll! (She has a black and red vinyl dress, eye patch, purse and cap. Her red yarn hair is streaked with black and some fishnet stockings. She measures about 16". (I believe my friend got her as a gift for me but I never did much with her so I sent her with my friend to the Mana Q&A at Anime Expo.)

Little Apple Doll - Mirari (limited Edition doll, I got another one so I can now sell her. She comes in her box with her book and everything.)

Gothic Victorian Doll - She has Long curly Brown Hair with green eyes, a lovely bonnet on her head, her Dress is 3 pieces all together which consist of a set of bloomers, underdress, and cover coat/dress. All Emerald Green with white lace.

I have many more dolls, if you want a list fell free to comment here or e-mail me at MorbidOtaku@aol.com

Thanks for looking, if I dont respond immeditaly it is becuase I am at school, please if you need a fast response e-mail me at the address above.
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