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jrock cds + dvds for sale.

Ok kiddies, I have a lot of jrock cds + dvds I'd like to clear out. I am so low in cash it's sick. I have a lot of unexpected events coming up requiring travel, so I need to get some more cash. /end pity story. hahah anyway, onto the goods. Many of the prices have been lowered more than I would have liked, but I need to sell these as soon as possible.


Items would be shipped from Baltimore, Maryland USA with a flat rate shipping fee of $5.00 within the USA. I can also ship worldwide if needed. I currently do not have pictures of all of these items, but if you want reassurance, just ask and I'll go snap one. I prefer paypal because of how quick I need cash ;_;

I also have great ebay feedback ~ http://myworld.ebay.com/physical_neurose


1. Psycho le Cemu - Beautiful World
condition: like new including obi, but with a slight crack on the bottom edge of the case
Price: $15 + shipping

2. Dir en grey - Withering to Death ~first press w/special packaging,etc.
condition: perfect
Price: $25 + shipping

3. Zilch(hide) - 321
condition: perfect including obi and stickers
Price: $25 + shipping

4. Sex Machineguns - BEST
condition: perfect including obi+outer cover
Price: $20 + shipping

5. T.M. Revolution - B-E-S-T
condition: used, but like new w/ no damages
Price:$15 + shipping

6. T.M. Revolution - Coordinate
condition: perfect
Price: $10 + shipping

7. L'arc~en~ciel - AWAKE
condition: perfect
Price: $10 + shipping

8. Hikaru Utada - EXODUS
condition: perfect
Price: $5 + shipping

9. L'arc~en~ciel - SMILE
condition: perfect
Price: $10 + shipping


1. Psycho le Cemu in USA II
condition: perfect
Price: $30 + shipping

2. L'arc~en~ciel LIVE IN USA
condition: perfect
Price: $25 + shipping

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