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04 February 2007 @ 03:30 pm
Dir en grey Calenders for sale. ^0^!  
I'm selling three complete Dir en grey calendars. ^0^
If my memory serves me correctly, they're from the years 2002, 2004, and 2005.

All are in good condition; the only damage is slight discoloration or damage to the backs at each corner of the pages from using tape to put them up on my walls; this is only on a few of the pages. The first two calendars are cut up (meaning the pages were cut off the metal crimp that they came attached to), while the 2005 calendar is still currently fully intact.
Each page is about 28.5 inches tall and about 20.5 inches wide.

I'm asking for $20 $15 for each page for the first two calendars, and only $40 total for the complete 2005 calendar. If you want individual pages from the 2005 calendar, the price changes to $10 a page.
Shipping is $5, and if you buy more than one page, they can be put in the same tube, and thus the shipping remains the same. ^0^
Also, if you want to buy all six pages from either the 2002 or 2004 calendar, I'll include the cover page and also give you a nice discount (instead of it being a full $90, I'll only charge you $75, plus no shipping).
Please ask questions if any of this is confusing or unclear. ^0^

Pictures are below; If you want clearer pictures of the exact calendar page you want, please let me know and I can snap a few with my camera.

How to buy:
It's first come, first serve. ^0^ I don't do paypal! Money must be sent to me as a check, money order, or consealed cash (at your own risk).
If you see something you want, please leave a comment stating what you want (the year, and then the page(s)!) and your email address. I'll contact you with my personal information so you can send me the money, and then I'll send you your stuff.

Alright, pictures!

2002 - aka "the movie poster calendar"
These are just pictures of the pages that I happened to have on my computer. The pages I have are in very good condition.
Mouse over the image to see the months the page is for and which member of the band it is. ^0^

2004 - This calendar probably has the most wear and tear to the pages. In fact, I'm only going to charge $15 $10 for the group page, as it has some slight scratches on the front that obscure the otherwise black background. If you'd like to see a clearer picture of the scratches, let me know. They're fairly small, but because the background is black, they're noticible.
Mouse over the image to see the months the page is for and which member of the band it is.

2005 - lots and lots of live shots
(These pictures are not the clearest. If you want to see better ones, click on the image to see the full-sized picture I took of it hanging on my wall. ^^)
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shihanchul on February 4th, 2007 09:55 pm (UTC)
Hello! I am interested in the 2004 Toshiya poster. Please email me at izumixkouji@yahoo.com

Thank you!