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SETS, will not break
Earthian 1-4 COMPLETE: $35 (originally $15 EACH)
-classic shonen ai by artist Yun Kouga (Loveless).

Cheeky Angel 1-4, $20
-a genderbender comedy about a boy who got turned into the hottest girl in school.

Angelic Layer 1-3, $14
-popular CLAMP story. One of the books has a slight bend, but everything else is perfect.

Fushigi Yugi 9-13 (end of the first arc) $26

single volumes manga
Angel (Erica Sakurazawa) $5
Chobits 1, used condition $4
Real Bout High School vol 1 $5
Video Girl Ai 1 $5
Video Girl Ai 4 $5
Sailor Moon Stars volume 2 $22

Trigun 2006 large wall calendar, NEVER used, contains a lot of nice pictures and can be used as posters. $6
Hana Kimi Zenin 2003 planner; contains 3 postcards, stickers, dividers, planner case... etc $50
Cardcaptor Sakura movie 1 $5
Escaflowne movie $5

LOOKING FOR, willing to buy or trade for (all english/american releases please):
Basara 16, 19, 21+
Nodame Cantabile 8+
Robot (artbook) 1+
Ranma 1/2 vol 26-end
Hana Kimi artbook
Japanese Comickers vol 2+
cheap(er) cosplay outfits for girls :) I don't mind used . (hehe, anyone have a vampire knight girls cosplay that they'd want to sell? ;) )
Deleter Comicworks
Copic paper
Harry Potter doujinshi
Antique Bakery doujinshi
Fumi Yoshinaga anything, really (except Antique Bakery manga, which I have all of)
english doujinshi
cute stickers/stationary

Flight 2+
Arrested Development season 2 DVD boxset
Bone, the ONE (hardcover preferable)
CD case holder that can hold 70cds+

I prefer paypal, but money orders and concealed cash are okay too. :) Thanks!
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