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Slayers doujinshi for sale...

I realize Christmas was just yesterday, but I figured someone might be looking for these and got some holiday money to spend :D

Each doujinshi is $15 each (shipping extra) and comes with a set of doujinshi stationary (some actually match)! If interested, please comment here so we can work something out.

I take money orders and paypal :) Thanks!

Slayers MiX
Circle: O-jiro (GS Club)
Has some really cute pictures of the Slayers gang in kindergarden (or preschool, can't tell), and Lina in various fluffy dresses :D

Slayers Dynamite
Circle: O-jiro (GS Club)

Slayers Spark
Circle: O-jiro (GS Club)

All are used but in good condition. GS Club is one of my favorite circles, because the artwork is SO cute :3 If you want pictures, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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