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Cat bag for sale (Someone claims it's from Trigun anime)

Hi, first post here. I'm selling this cat bag for USD$35 INCLUSIVE OF SHIPPING I've used it for less than 2 times. Condition is rather excellent. Bought this at a much higher price. Pictures as follow:

Sorry for the blur pictures. The camera i manage to get wasn't that fantastic.

Someone from EGL claims it's from the anime Trigun. I didn't watch the anime or even know about this anime so i'm not sure whether it's a Trigun Merchadise. So forgive me if it's not. I got this at some Lolita shop in my country. (Funny isn't it?)

I accept paypal only. Meetups for Local Buyers. Local Buyers please contact me for the prices without shipping. (I residing in South-East Asia, Singapore.)

Thank you for looking :)
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