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Manga, DVDs, CDs

I've got 38 CDs and nearly 200 volumes of manga up for sale on my sales journal, ysale! Also, I'm going to add about 2 dozen doujinshi sometime next week. ^^

.Hack//Sign LIMITED EDITION DVDs--New and Sealed!!

The plastic wrap around the slipcovers was removed because I wanted to check the contents and listen to the soundtracks. The DVDs are still sealed and have never been watched.



The plastic wrap for volume 2 was already missing when I removed the slipcovers. However, all DVDs still have the sticky title seal at the top.

Volumes 4-6 of the DVDs, the OSTs, and the OST box have been sold. Volume 2 and 3 of the DVDs are still available! All the slipcovers are still available, as well! ♥

Make an offer!

fake lj-cuts to actual selling journal entries:
( Manga [count: 194 volumes] )

( CDs [count: 38 CDs] )

I need to pay off unexpected tuition fees (and late fees for not paying off everything by the time school started), so please help me out! ♥

Thanks! =)
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