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buy my stuff <3 (anime, manga, j-rock)

Toshiya poster from Dir en grey 2004 calendar
- (on hold for weeping_spider)
next claim by just_jessi
next claim by justangel

Shinya poster from Dir en grey 2004 calendar

Die poster from Dir en grey 2004 calendar (on hold for kagerou)

(not pictured: Kyo and Kaoru pages, also for sale)

cutout from Dir en grey 2004 calendar

Diru... thing, not a sticker? (on hold for fruitsz_pixie)

Kohta of Pierrot poster (on hold for pretty_kozi)

Fanatic Crisis poster

close up of spot

2 sided poster - Pierrot and Buck Tick (on hold for pretty_kozi)

2 sided poster - hide and hide w/ spread beaver

Gackt 2005 calendar page poster

flaw close up

poster from CURE magazine

- Aliza Marie
- Wyse (on hold for fruitsz_pixie)

- Baroque (on hold for ibitsu)

2 sided indies flyer

- random indies
- Ash

- Jelly Berry
- Vice+Risk

- Kra
- Vanilla

- Miyavi (on hold for ibitsu)
- Velvet Eden (on hold for justangel)

2 sided flyers
- Luna Sea & Pierrot sweet trance TV
- Pierrot, Plastic Tree & Pierrot

- Rin Clover
- EveSera

- Shulla
- Mirage

JILS minibooklet

Quatre Gundam Wing Endless Waltz poster

X TV series poster

Gundam W vol 1 (japanese)

Blue Seed Momijii's Diary (japanese)

How to Draw Manga (eng)
Anime Encyclopedia (eng)

Gundam Wing Ground Zero vol. 1 (eng)
Sailor Moon vol. 10 (eng)
Slayers vol. 5 (eng)
Slayers vol. 4 (eng)

Hayao Miyazaki works book (eng)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind vol. 1 (eng)

Ribon 2002 issue 5 (japanese)

Shin Tenchi Muyo (Tenchi in Tokyo) art/episode book (japanese)

Ah My Goddess soundtrack vol. 2 CD (japanese)

Amazing Nurse Nanako vol. 1 DVD

Patlabor WXIII DVD box set

Cardcaptor Sakura pencil board 1

Cardcaptor Sakura pencil board 2

Evangelion episode 2 pencil board

2 sided Inu Yasha fan

Sailor Moon candy stuff
(one candy packet opened)

Misato Evangelion statue

Gundam thing o.o;;

Evangelion Auska plushie

no set prices, please make offers
if you want more info on something, leave a comment~

payment: I accept Paypal, concealed US cash, and money orders
trade: j-rock items, gothic lolita/fruits items, anime DVDs

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