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Wow...you guys...I love this community XDDD

Here is my first "for sale/trade" list. I left blank the prices for things I didn't know what to charge. I might make those trade-only, or include them with another purchase. *shrug* Not sure yet.

Will provide pictures upon request. Eventually I hope to just have a picture for everything. (Within the next few days, hopefully...)

Selling/trading posters, manga, anime, cards, used magazines, and little things.

I'll accept Paypal, checks, and money orders. If you don't live in the US...I'd better check and see what I have to do to send your item overseas before I say I'll ship to you. I don't care about making money, but losing it is something else. ;_;

POSTERS--$4 each.
GUNDAM WING x3......3 different kinds. Some wear...you can tell it's been used, but there aren't any defects or wrinkles or anything.
GUNDAM X........ditto.

MANGA--$8 each
MARMALADE BOY vol. 1...........English Tokyopop release. EXCELLENT CONDITION.
CERES CELESTIAL LEGEND vol. 1...........English Viz release. EXCELLENT CONDITION.

ANIME--$8 each
(This is the "movie" that premiered on Toonami, uncut. It's actually a three part OAV. I've never seen the actual movie version but I'm told that it's ALMOST the same--that the episodes of the OAV were merged into one film and some extra footage was added.)

SAILOR MOON "Good Queen, Bad Queen"...........on VHS. English dubbed. EXCELLENT CONDITION.
The last two episodes from the first season North American release.


ANIME INSIDER.........12 mags. Decent condition--some things are cut out.

NEWTYPE.........2 mags. Good condition.
One of them might have a few cut-out pages, but Newtype is so thick and durable that it doesn't really do anything to the overall hold :D Will include DVD, but not poster.

ANIMERICA.........Only 1. Good condition.
Might be a little cut-up, but not as much as the Anime Insiders. I received this used.

$10--CD: SAILOR MOON--THE FULL MOON COLLECTION...........EXCELLENT CONDITION--USED 3 TIMES! I can even tell you EXACTLY when those times were! The 3rd North American album, fairly recent (2002).
Contains 21 tracks, including remixes of old favorites like My Only Love, I Want Someone to Love, and the Opening Theme. PLUS you get a nifty screensaver for your compie. Details a la Amazon.

$5--CARDS: GUNDAM WING TRADING CARD GAME...........Wing Gundam team (blue starter deck.) Opened but NEVER USED.
If you'd like to know what cards it contains, please ask me :D I will ONLY sell this as a set, tho.

$8--CARDS: YU-GI-OH TRADING CARD GAME...........Pegasus starter deck. USED ONCE--OVER THE PHONE! EXCELLENT CONDITION. (Yes, I played my first *andlast@_@* yugioh game over the phone.)
Comes with instructions. Dog ate the box, but I will supply you with some sort of replacement container. He touched NOTHING BUT THE BOX, I promise.

$?? (Free with purchase of above?)--CARDS: WATER-DAMAGED YU-GI-OH CUSTOM DECK.........OK/DECENT CONDITION.
Yes, you heard me right. My dad found it in our lawn after a rain storm and gave them to me because he thought they were mine. I tried to save them, and dry them off, but...they came out a bit curled.
Most of them are in playable condition, but 2 or 3 of them are a little ripped/wrinkled in the back so your opponent could recognize them from amongst the others.
This offer is perfect if you just want to collect as many as you can for show, though. I'd hate to just throw them away. Includes foils :D

$?? (Free with purchase of anything?)--HOMEMADE GACKT MAGNETS.........3 of them. you won't find them anywhere else. XD
What I did was print some of my favorite pictures, paste them to posterboard (nicely, so that there were no wrinkles or corners sticking up), and stuck magnets on the back. I hung them in my highschool locker. I don't know how well the magnets will hold up nowadays, but the pictures came out very nicely :D

Will trade for/SEARCHING for the following...
-Ouka Ranman

-(Vampire) Scream

Tommy February6
-Tommy Airline

And anything REMOTELY related to...
-Lareine or New Sodmy

-Kanzaki, Marry+An+Blood, or Ribbon

-T.M. Revolution or The Seeker

-Malice Mizer, Rentrer en Soi, and any other Visual kei stuff

-Revolutionary Girl/Shoujo Kakumei Utena

-Gothic-Lolita, especially things suitable for room decorations
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