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Jrock, anime, and final fantasy items

I cant keep alot of stuff for longer, since I still need to pay off my debts at school, and do alot of stuff. Being a senior in highschool sometimes sucks. ._.;

Anyways, I'm selling a few things. The only method of payment I can recieve is cash. I lost my ID a while back and havent had the time to go get a new one so I can't accept money orders or checks. I'm sorry. If you're still interested, please leave a comment or email me at hizumi [at] gmail [dot] com. All shipping prices are within the US.

Kaoru 2004 calendar poster
$11 + $5 shipping
It's in perfect condition; never been hung, it's been a tube ever since I got the calendar

Dir en grey - The Final single SOLD
$9 + $3 shipping
The CD itself is perfect, the only flaw is that when I got the single, the case was cracked.

Shoxx May 2004 - Cover: Nightmare
$14 + $5 shipping
It has no poster. Sorry. ;_;

Dir en grey - Macabre album SOLD
$22 + $4 shipping
Everything's perfect. It's only been played a few times.

Kagerou - Jikasei Full Course (First press)
$15 + $3 shipping
It's a first press. It brings the postcard featuring everyone. The cd plays perfectly.

Miyavi - Wagahai photo album SOLD
$24 + $7 shipping
It's been looked at... maybe three times at most, but that's it. It's been in my shelf for the longest. I really dont know why the obi looks retarded. >_O;

Miyavi movie: Oresama SOLD
$37 + $8 shipping
Has making of the movie, and... other stuff. It's only been watched twice.
Click here for another picture.

Miyavi - Gekokujou first live DVD SOLD
$40 + $8 shipping
It's only been watched twice at most. It brings a poster that has the set list Miyavi played. It's never been hung, it's been inside the case ever since I bought it.
Click here for another picture.

Trigun: Kuroneko-sama bobblehead
$7 + $5 shipping
It's so cute, it's just been sitting in its box for the longest.

Trigun: Millie keychain
$5 + $3 shipping
It's been used... for probably two weeks at most. I've had this keychain for over a year now. It's just a bit dirty on her dress.

FFX-2 Yuna poster
$8 + $5 shipping
It's never been hung. It's been with my Kaoru calendar poster in the tube for the longest.

FFVIII Squall wallscroll
$15 + 7 shipping (the tube for this is huge x.x)
It brings two clips for you to hang it from. I had to rip open the plastic to take a picture of it. It's never been hung either. ;_;

Thank you for looking <3
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