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I hope I do not get in trouble for post this here

This has nothing to do with selling stuff, but it has a lot to do with people...I am sure by now you have all heard about the Tsunami that hit Southeast Asia on Sunday. Well the death toll is rising steadily and because the countries that it hit worst are considered poor we should try to help.

Here is an article about it if you want to learn more

And here is a bunch of different foundations that you can pick who to donate to.

It takes five minutes to do. So take five minutes out of your lives and give something back.

I am sorry this has nothing to do selling or trading stuff. I did not want to step over the rules and post this, but I thought with the number of members in this community we could make a difference to the thousands people that need us right now! If you find your wallet is empty, but you know someone who would be or is already interested in this please pass this information on. Thank you.
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