king of psyborg rock star (murasa) wrote in garagesalejapan,
king of psyborg rock star

stuff to sell

I've got quite a bit of stuff I want to get rid of, so here is my list. I am looking to sell the things that I have on this list, but I am possibly open to trades if the items you would be offering for something are good. I've had so many people offer me their bootleg items for my real ones, and it's kind of crushing to have that happen ^^;

stuff i might be willing to trade forCollapse )

If you want to buy something off this list, please just write what you're prepared to pay or what you have I might want, and we can negotiate from there.

NOTE; I am located in the UK, please keep this in mind when choosing items ^^

region one animeCollapse )

english manga booksCollapse )

I have a load (over 100) of unwanted j-pop stuff I no longer really want to hold onto. It's all stuff like Morning Musume, Speed, Max, TRF, Namie Amuro, Ami Suzuki, Globe and various other random stuff like that. If anyone is interested in seeing that list too, just give me a shout :D
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