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Need money for bills. T___T

Hi, selling things. Please take a look.

Sorry, I can't take pictures of these as I have no cameras or scanner.

Ayumi Hamasaki - My STORY (First Press), Seasons single
Price: $21 for album, $8 for single
Extra infos: Both cds are in good condtion. Seasons single never been opened. My Story listened to once.

Utada Hikaru - Distance
Price: $21
Extra infos: Listened to once, slight wear on cover, but not really noticeable.

Gackt - Seventh Night, Vanilla single
Price: $21 for album, $8 for single
Extra infos: Seventh day is still sealed, brand new. Vanilla single opened, but never listened to.

All prices are listed in US Dollars (USD).
I only ship to USA or Canada right now.
I only accept well-concealed cash, in either USD or CAD (canadian dollars).
Shipping prices: $5 for USA $3 for Canada.

Please leave commets here if you see anything you like. As well, leave your e-mail address so I can contact you right away.

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