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A WHOLE lot of stuff!

Heya guys~ Check out some of the stuff I have for sale~

If any prices are too high just ask and maybe we can work something out~ ^_^

Also if you need a better picture of just have a question please ask! :D

[edit] I also DO ship internationally ^_^ Prices will vary from country to country [/edit]

6 inch Sailor Moon Dolls~ $4 each
~some of the boxes are smashed as you can see in the picture~ Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter Professor Tomoe and Queen Baryl

12 inch Talking Sailor Mars Doll, ~$20 box is not in the best of condition but the doll is still in good condition~ She has 3 fun phrases that she would love to drive you nuts with ^_~

12 inch Sailor Moon Deluxe Adventure Doll $7 each I have a few of these and they are all unopened and in Mint condition~ Boxes are also in perfect condition~!

Artemis Plush $5 each I have 3 1 of these left~ All still in their orignal boxes and in mint condition, box is also in mint condition. all three are also first editions of the plush

Sailor Moon TCG Starter Deck $5

Sailor Chibi Moon's Wand~ $10 each ~I have 2 of these for sale. Both unopened and in mint condition. Boxes also in mint condition~ Also a first edition of the wand. (The dark blue box is proof, because later editions came in a light blue box)

Sailor Moon Re-released Manga $7 each~ Volume 4, Volume 6 Mint condition

Sailor Mars Karaoke Mini Playset $8 Its a Mini playset with a Chibi Mars figure~ its ubber cute and has a million pieces

Sailor Moon Gameboy Game $12 Japanese Release but deffinatly will play on an American Gameboy (trust me, I have played it a million times) Game is in Mint condition the box is in good contion

Burn Up W Video $3

One Piece Pencil Board$4 Mint condition

Video Girl Ai Manga Volumes 4, 9 and 10 (not pictured) $2 each or all 3 volumes for $5

Digimon mini Pencil Board$4 -Sora and Mimi

$6 each or $30 for all of them~ All cds are used (show a bit of ware) but all have been checked an play fine in a cd player

Bakuretsu Hunters BGM Vol 1 Includes first season themes, Fushigi Yuugi Singles Collection,Saber Marionette J-X, Saber Marionette J, Pokemon: How to Draw cd (comes with a cute book that teaches you how to draw some of the pokemon~) Card Captor Sakura Character Singles, Seki Tomokazu: Naked Mind, Weiss Kreuz: Das Ewige Dasien, Weiss Kreuz: Schlag Des Herzens

Animay-hem Cards $10 for everything
This is a collection of about 400+ cards~ with 1 deck box, instruction manual~ it includes cards from Tenchi, Ranma 1/2, Dragon Ball Z, Bubble Gum Crisis, Project A-ko, El Hazzard and more~!

Pokemon toys$1 each~ Metapod, Weedle, Mister Mime ~ All from the NYC Pokecenter

Final Fantasy 8~ Quistis Doll~ $2

W.I.T.C.H. Cd case~$3 unopened

Hamtaro Figures $1 each

Two Heart (?) mini tin (had candy in it, I think O_o;)$1

One Piece Luffy Figure $2

Evangelion Pen Pen Keychain $1

Sailor Moon- Sailor Mars Keychain $1

Teen Titans Mini Figure Robin as Red X $3 This was a San Diego Comic con exclusive

Digimon-Sora Magnet $1

Digimon-Sora Figure $1

Tomb Raider Pin $1 Given out at the movie's premere

Transformers Demo Disk $1 -San Diego Comic Con Exclusive~ Playstation Demo

Gamecube Cd opener $1

Naruto JUMBO Pins $5 each ~Sasuke and Kakashi~ They are almost the size of a cd (just compare XD)

New Type DVDs- All three for $1~ Episodes include~Nuku Nuku Episode 1, Azumanga Daoh, Comic Party, Peacmaker, and a Saiyuki: Requiem trailer

Evangelion Manga $4 each~ Volumes 1,2,3,4, and 6 ~ Japanese Language
Evangelion Hillarious Doujinshis $5 each~ Volumes 1-4, 120+ pages each~ these are seriously the funniest doujinshi's I have ever owned. Very messed up ideas from very messed up writers

One Piece Artbook: Color Walk Volume 1 $12
FLCL Manga $6 each or both for $10! Volumes 1 and 2~ Japanese
Alice 19th $5 Volume 1~ English
Mantis Woman $4 ~ English
Central City by Saya $3 English ~I have a few copies of this~
Guilty Gear X Doujinshi $8 -Humor 160+ pages
Capcom Vs SNK Doujinshi $8 -Humor 120+ pages
Spider Man volume 1 $3

Shonen Jump $3 each Issules~ [2000] 11, 20, 38, 39,40, 44, 46, and 50 ~ [2002] 37, and 50 Obviously, read but in great condition~

English Shonen Jump$2 each

Amerimanga$5 each or $20 for the set~ Manga in this includes Mega Tokyo's Artist Fred Gallager ~ I have several sets of these~ ^_^

Sailor Moon Cards $.50 each

Pucca: Funny Love Story Pink Chinese Style QuiPao Shirt $9 Size Sm
Lilo and Sticth $4 Fits a small adult - never worn before -
Aqua Teen Hunger Force $10 ~ Blue Mooninites Shirt -never worn before- Adult Size Medium
Hello Kitty Cellphone Case $7 Never used~ Still has tags
Fosters Home For imaginary Friends Foam Standies $3 for Bloo and Max
Hello Kitty Pink Sunglasses $2
Hello Kitty Pink Watch $6 ~Work perfectly and is in mint condition
Hello Kitty Blue Bathroom Gift Set$7~ Never used, Brand New with Tag~ 5 peice set with lotion pump, soap dish, toothbrush holder, cup and clear hello kitty bag~~Retail value of $14
Power Puff Girls Bubbles Necklace $.50
Inu Yasha the Movie Bumper Sticker $2 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

[- SOLD -]
Sailor Moon French Manga$2.50 each or All for $12 Volumes 7, 9,12,13,14, and 15 ~Includes polls and a few misc pictures and fanart exclusive to the European release

Manga Samplers~ $1 each ~I have multiples of some volumes

Kenshin Manga $4 each or all 10 volumes for $30! - Volumes 4,8, 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16

Weiss Kreuz Manga $8 each with color art~ Volumes 1 and 2

Battle Angel Alita Volume 1 ~$5

Ragnarok Online Doujinsji's 2 volumes ~ About 120 pages each~ Very funny concepts~

Arc the Lad~ unopened Demo disk for ps2~ $1

Katteni Kaizo$3 each~ The Weridest freakin' manga you will ever read~ ever. It's NOT hentai at all but I suggest it for older readers~ It's like FLCL on Crack... and I am not even joking. It's messed up on so many levels.

Mamotte ShyugogettenRishuu Hankerchief~ Super Rare $8

If you are interested in any of these items reply here with what you want to snag and with your email address~ ^_^ I will then give you my email address along with the price for shipping. (Shipping will vary from item to item. Don't worry I won't kill you with the shipping. You can estimate it will be about $3 depending on how much you are buying and of what ^_^)

Thanks SO much for looking!
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