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Hey everyone.
I'm selling some stuff so I can afford my bills. x___x;
Please take a look ne?

FLAME - Mune no Kodou single, BYE MY LOVE single, What can I do? single, FLAME style CD+DVD
Prices: For singles: $7ea for album: $18
Xtra info: Singles are still sealed; brand new. Album has been listened to twice, DVD never watched.

Dir en grey - Drain Away single, Kasumi single, Macabre album
Prices: For singles: $7ea for album: $20
Xtra info: Singles still sealed; brand new. Album NEVER listened to, still sealed brand new.

All prices are listed in USD and do not include shipping.
Shipping will be about $5 in USA and for Canada: $3
I only accept well-conealed cash at the moment.
Shipping to USA and Canada only right now.

If you buy more than 1 item, I will lower shipping. Buy more than 3 items and shipping is FREE.

Please buy ne? *wobbly eyes*

Thanks for looking.
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