2¾ cups of sleep (kaworu) wrote in garagesalejapan,
2¾ cups of sleep

looking to trade my stuffs away.

here are the things i currently have for sale. actually.. no prices yet, because i'd really like to see what i can get out of trades. no pictures either, but that will change soon. if you see something that interests you but you want a picture now, let me know. inuyasha posters/wallscroll, chobits merchandise, fansub vhs tapes, manga, et cetera. i'd like to trade for something around the same value.. i'll let you know if it's too low/high, but please try to use fair judgement.

i also have more things to trade: see my cd list and my anime/manga/artbooks-on-discs list.


all of these are FANSUB TAPES i bought way back in the day and am selling now because i have the dvds. not the best quality, of course, but if you have no other means of getting ahold of the series these should hold you over.

kare kano (a.k.a. his and her circumstances)
tape 1: episodes 1-4
tape 3: episodes 9-12
tape 4: episodes 13-16
tape 5: episodes 17-20
tape 6: episodes 21-24
tape 7: episodes 25 and 26

x tv
tape 1: episodes 1-3 (x2)
tape 2: episodes 4-5
tape 4: episodes 9-11

angelic layer
tape 1: episodes 1 and 2

all the manga i'm selling is english and in mint/never-read condition unless otherwise noted.

sorcerer hunters - volume 1
marmalade boy - volume 2
ranma 1/2 - volume 1
peach girl; change of heart - volume 2
excel saga - volume 1

inuyasha wallscroll (never used, still in package; this picture)
inuyasha poster #1 - kagome and inuyasha (never used)
inuyasha poster #2 - group picture (never used)
chobits poster - chii and dark chii (never used; this picture)
dark chii ufo plushie (no hang-tag, but otherwise new)
sumomo ufo plushie (mint condition in package, with tag; version 2 with whistle)
kouga(?) ufo plushie (good condition, tag is a little beat up)
chobits clock, chii in pyjamas (brand new, never taken out of the box)
nadesico shijitaki; ruri hoshino (brand new in sleeve)
evangelion shijitaki; rei ayanami (brand new in sleeve)
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