Kim (golden_kimono) wrote in garagesalejapan,

One manga..

Hello! I only have one thing I'd like to sell. It's a manga in English of The Ring 2. I bought it from an online-store and thought it was the actual book, but it wasn't. So now I'd like to get rid of it and this was the first place I thought of to sell it.
I've read it once, but the edges of the cover aren't in perfect condition anymore and there are some fingerprints on it. The inside looks good, though.

All the white you see on the right side is actually just from the flash when I took the pic; it doesn't look that bad in real life, promise.

Not sure about the price, just make an offer. And I don't know how much shipping would cost; there's a big difference between priority and standard. I have paypal and moneybookers (both non-cc), so I'd prefer payment like that. I have no idea what else I can accept, since I've never sold things online (only traded and bought). But I really don't need/want this anymore. :P Oh, e-mailaddress is
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