Safaia (saffykitti) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Manga For Sale~

Some of these picture might look familiar. I closed my selling journal since I don't sell that much stuff. >_<

Corrector Yui 2-4 (ENGLISH) $10 shipped
D.Gray-Man 1-4 (JAPANESE) $10 shipped
Air Gear 11 (JAPANESE) $3 shipped

It's a little yellow from age, but otherwise they're in really good condition. :3

The Obi's for 1 and 3 are damaged (a little torn nor crunched). 4 didn't come with an Obi when I bought it. Still have their Kinokuniya stickers.

Sealed. Still has it's Kinokuniya sticker on the back of it. Standard when you get things from Kino. >_<;

Shipping is for media mail. I don't ship out of the US right now, sorry. :(
I only take Paypal.
My email for paypal is safaia -at-
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