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I need the money, but most importantly I need the space. Prices are negotiable, and shipping costs may vary depending on if you purchase multiple items (I'll combine packaging); if you want me to, I can weigh your requested item(s) at the post office to give you a shipping estimate. I'll accept money order, well-concealed cash, or personal check (USD).

Getter Robo: Armageddon complete DVD collection brick (R1 release) - $28 (Only watched once)

Martian Successor Nadesico volumes 1 through 8 and 10 (official release, English Dubbed VHS)- $4 a piece or all of them for $30

Rurouni Kenshin volumes 1 and 2 (official VHS release, English Subtitles + Japanese Audio) - $5 a piece or both for $7

Capcom vs. SNK for Dreamcast - $5 (never been opened, though the case itself took a beating)

Newtype USA Posters: $1 each
Wedding Peach
Kaleido Star

Tofu Records Nami Tamaki and T.M. Revolution DVD sampler - $1 ON HOLD
Fruits Basket episodes 1 and 2 DVD sampler - $1
Dragonball Z sticker pack (contains two random stickers; I haven't opened the pack, so I don't know what's inside) - 50 cents
Dragonball GT/Z-Store foam can insulators - two available at 50 cents each
Z-Store mousepad - $1
ADV Summer 2004 Manga Sampler - $1

Want List:

DVDs: (Will trade two VHS per DVD or the complete Getter Robo set (4 discs) for four DVDs.)
Dragon Drive volumes 2+
Nuku Nuku TV 1-4
Gungrave 1+

Magazines/Books: (make an offer)
Newtype USA September 2004
Full Metal Panic! Film Book (English release)
Gundam SEED Astray manga volume 3

Miscellaneous: (make an offer)
any s-CRY-ed DVD trading cards I'm missing (current collection)
s-CRY-ed merchandise in general +_+ tell me what you've got
anything BuCUE related
Last Exile Silverna pin

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