interludesign (interludesign) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hi all,

I'm selling some SHOXX magazines featuring PIERROT from 2000-2003.

Each magazine is 15 USD. Shipping will be calculated depending on your location.

(Lacking a scanner, all cover images are linked from

Vol.93 feat. Kirito (cover)
Vol.101 feat. Aiji and Jun (cover)
Vol.102 feat. Takeo and Kohta (cover)
Vol.103 feat. Kirito (cover)
Vol.108 feat. Jun (cover)
Vol.110 feat. Aiji (cover)
Vol.123 feat. Takeo (cover)

None of the posters are included for the sole reason that I can't find them after storing them (oops), but otherwise these magazines are in perfect condition.

If you're interested, comment below with which items you want to buy and your e-mail address. PayPal is preferred, but if you don't have an account and are willing to risk another method like concealed cash, then by all means. More power to you. Questions etc., direct to jishukisei(at)
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