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x I only accept concealed cash
x Prices are negotiable
x Any currency is fine (though I prefer EURO and USD)
x The prices are not including shipping
x Comment with your e-mail address and, then I'll contact you asap with shipping information

Morning Musume / Namida tomaranai houkago
With titlestrip | Price: $6
Condition: Bought used. The condition is surprisingly good.
Not a single scratch on the cd. The case has a little crack over Mako's face.

Tanpopo / Otome pasta ni kandou
No titlestrip | Price: $4
Condition: Bought used, but still great condition. The case is has no big scratches, but you can see it's used.

Gomatto / SHALL WE LOVE?
With titlestrip | Price: $2
Condition: Not very good. The cd itself has no scratches, but the case has a lot of scratches.
This was included in an auction I won, so I don't really want it.
If you change the case though, it would be as new since the cd and booklet are in perfect condition.

ROMANS / SEXY NIGHT ~wasurerarenai kare~
With titlestrip | Price: $4
Condition: Bought used. Very good condition. No scratches on the cd.

Nochiura Natsumi / Renai sentai shitsu ranger
With titlestrip | Price: $6
Condition: Bought unopened. Mint condition. Never used.

Maki Goto / Uwasa no SEXY GUY
LTD edition With sleevecase and special booklet | Price: $12
Condition: Bought used. Mint condition.

Maki Goto / Daite yo! PLEASE GO ON
LTD edition with poster, sleevecase and special 24-page booklet | Price: $12
Condition: Bought unopened. Mint condition.

Berryz Koubou / Official photoset / Anata nashi dewa ikite yukenai
Complete photoset | Price: $10
Condition: Very RARE. From the time they released their debutsingle. MINT condition.

Official H!P photos
Various photos | Price: $1.50/each
Condition: All are in mint condition.

Shuuji to Akira / Seishun Amigo
Swedish edition | Price: $8
Condition: Sealed. Brand new.

Tegomasu / Miso Soup
Swedish edition | Price: $8
Condition: Brand new.

KAT-TUN / Double glossy page
Price: $2

KAT-TUN / Glossy page
Price: $1.50

Kitty GYM / Poster
Price: $2

Kanjani8+KAT-TUN / Poster
Price: $3

Aya Ueto/*someone I dunno her name* / Poster
Price: $1.50

AYA/Lolita / Poster
Price: $3

Psycho le Cemu / FRONTIERS
LTD edition with seek figure, sleevecase etc | Price: $15
Condition: Mint condition. Never used.

Psycho le Cemu / Beautiful World
LTD edition with sleevecase | Price: $15
Condition: Brand new. Never used.

Gorillaz / G-SIDES
JPN edition with titlestrip | Price: $5
Condition: Mint. Only played once or twice.
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