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25 March 2007 @ 11:03 am
Manga, so much of my manga on ebay!! Check it out!  
Please take a look at these! I am trying to buy a car so I am selling nearly ALL of my manga collection! It is a very sad thing to do...but you do what you got to do.

DN Angel Manga vol 1-11
PHD: Phantasy Degree 1-4
Legal Drug by Clamp 1-3
Eerie Queerie Complete 1-4
Demon Ororon Vol 1-4 Complete
Ouran High School Host Club Vol 1-5
Imadoki!! Complete set 1-5
.hack//Legend of the Twilight 1-3 complete
Yotsuba&! Vol 1-3!
Kill Me Kiss Me Vol 1-5 complete
Psychic Academy Vol 1-11 COMPLETE
Hikaru No Go! Vol 1-8!!

Also have these various manga that I am willing to take offers on!!

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Please feel free to ask any questions about any of the auctions or manga in the picture!

Thank you so much!!

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misuramisura on March 26th, 2007 06:44 am (UTC)
I ah assume you don't ship outside of the US, period? I'm very tempted to put in a bid for those Hikaru no Go manga, but sadly, I'm not a US-resident.
Saisai12 on March 26th, 2007 03:36 pm (UTC)
Well, I don't because it is so hard to determine how much shipping will be. Though if you want to tell me where you are so I can go to the post office with the books to get an idea on the shipping...that would work.
misuramisura on March 26th, 2007 04:10 pm (UTC)
If you're in the US, shipping for eight manga would be $19 - that is to say: a $9.50 flat-rate GPM-envelope (ships nearly anywhere for $9.50 as long as its contents weigh less than 4 lbs. and fit inside the envelope) can hold up to four manga, so for eight manga, you'd need two.

Since it's not weight-based, this shipping-method doesn't require any trips to the post-office, but it's /only/ available at US-post-offices, not in, say, Canada.

So ... if you're in the US, can I put in a bid? And if not: I live in the Netherlands, Europe, and my Ebay-username's azheran.
Saisai12 on March 26th, 2007 04:31 pm (UTC)
I am in the US and yes you can if you are agreeing to pay $19 for shipping :P