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XD; Cuz I wanna try and get rid of some of this stuff. If not now, hopefully at Fanime's Swap Meet!

[Sneak Peek: Harry Potter, Bleach, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, FMA, and Pokemon items!]

*** A NOTE ON THE SHIPPING: All item prices INCLUDE shipping. I'll most likely be shipping via flat rate which is $4.05. Certain items can be shipped for cheaper, e.g., keychains ***

*** Shipping price is subject to change if you live outside of the US ***

*** If you want to postpone shipping to save money and just have me give an item to you at a con or by other in-person means, then that can be arranged as well :D ***

+ Harry Potter SEEKER shirt -medium size- $15 [includes shipping!] +

+ Harry Potter MUGGLE shirt -medium size- $15 [includes shipping!] +

+ Samurai X/ Rurouni Kenshin shirt -medium size (though compared to the above shirts... its more like a LARGE)- $15 [includes shipping!] +

+ One Piece Nami shirt -small size- $15 [includes shipping!] +

+ Bleach 6th Division shirt -medium size- $15 [includes shipping!] +

+ PLUSHIES - two MOMO's, one RYOMA, one RYOGA and a Snorlax XD; - $12, with the exception of the winter!Momo cuz he's kinda faded and Snorlax, those will be $8 [includes shipping!] +

SOLD: Ryoma

+ NARUTO KEYCHAINS - Neji, Naruto, Sasuke, anbu!Kakashi, Chouji and Shikamaru - $5 [includes shipping!] +

+ FMA FIGURINES & roy!DANGLER - silver!Ed, Hughes, Roy, Scar, Lust, Hawkeye - $7, with the exception of roy!Dangler, which is $5 [includes shipping!] +

SOLD: Scar

Up-close pictures on any item is available to be taken upon request!

Please leave a reply if interested!

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