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06 January 2005 @ 10:34 pm
Anyone wanna buy a lab. CD from me? It's Piper, brand new, still sealed. I ended up with two copies due to my own stupidity. I can post pictures if you need me to. I'm asking $30 for it. That's what I paid for it, but I also had to pay shipping and I won't charge anything for shipping in the USA or Canada. I accept PayPal and money orders only. If you're in Canada I will need an INTERNATIONAL postal money order. If not, I will possibly have to pay some kind of outrageous fee for cashing it at my bank. So, I really prefer PayPal to eliminate any kind of inconveniences on your part as well as mine.

Piper contains 9 tracks:

Sky Love
Sleep in the Water
Nightime Boys
Since Yesterday
Dub Note
Sunrise Bloom

I really love this CD and hope that someone will give it a good home and enjoy it as much as I do. ^__^