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XD;; Uh... please don't ask me what month they belong to, because for most of them, I have no idea.


set #1 (Shoxx) $4

set #2 (Shoxx November 2004, comes with the poster! ^.^) $8

set #3 (Fool's Mate) $5

set #4 (Fool's Mate) $4

set #5 (Fool's Mate) $4

set #6 (Shoxx) $3


set #1 (from Neo volume 1) $6

set #2 $8

they're from the September 2004 Shoxx that they were on the cover of. It also comes with the poster. :3 I didn't snap pictures of this set though, but if you want to see images, they can be found here: http://www.j-xyz.com/index.cfm?ProductID=2197&CategoryID=365&Category1ID=122&Category2ID=28&do=detail


set #1 (from an issue of Fool's Mate) $4

set #2 (Arena 37c) $5

set #3 (Arena 37c) $4

set #4 (Arena 37c) $5

Plastic Tree

set #1 (Shoxx) $4

Kamijo and Sanaka

set #1 (Shoxx) $4


set #1 (Fool's Mate) $4

Hana to Yume (contains special chapter of Hana Kimi [that takes place one year(?)] after the end of the story) $6

For an image of the table of contents click here.


Volume 13: Lament $7

(someone had already claimed this previously, but I never recieved payment for it and its been weeks, so I'm assuming you no longer want it. But if you do, let me know and I'll take it down.)

Prices include shipping unless you live outside the U.S. Payment methods: PayPal or well-concealed cash. If you buy more than one thing, I will combine shipping. Questions? Comment here or e-mail me: satoru_kano@hotmail.com. Thanks!! :D

^^;; Sorry about my bad photography skills.

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