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english manga/dvd updates

u.s. shipping only
accepted payments: concealed cash (your risk), personal checks, money orders
prices include shipping...

english manga:

fruits basket 6* ($6)
r.g. utena 1+2 ($6 each, $10 for both)
*if you're really anal (like me) about your manga looking completely flawless, don't get this one. it has "pen-dents" 'cause my buddy wrote over the book :( there's no markings on it- only dents.
anime (official, store bought dvd's):

dbz broly: the legendary s.s. ($10) *hold*
trigun volume 1 ($10)
samurai deeper kyo 1+2 ($10 each, $18 for both)
yuyu hakusho/ninku ($7)
fushigi yugi the seiryuu box (eps 27-52) ($50)

all anime are dubbed, but there are settings of japanese dialogue with english subtitles.

DBZ Wallscroll ($7)

if you're interested in pictures of a certain item, please leave information and your e-mail address.
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