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Cheap manga auctions

Fake Volume One (first printing from May 2003)
Ai Yori Aoshi Volumes One and Two (first printings Jan 2004 and March 2004)
B.B. Explosion (first printing from March 2004)
Inu-Yasha Volume One (first printing 1998)

I also have, but haven't listed on ebay:

-Volumes 1-5 and 8-12 the Super Manga Blast anthology (3x3 Eyes, What's Michael?, Shadow Star, Seraphic Feather, Oh my Goddess)
-Some miscellaneous volumes of the Manga Vizion anthology
-The first issue of Animerica Extra and Vol 4 No 1 (when Revolutionary Girl Utena started)
-Lots of Animerica magazines from Volumes 8 and 9
-first comic issues of Mermaid's Mask, One-Pound Gospel (both by Rumiko Takahashi), Ceres Celestial Legend (Yu Watase), Aqua Knight (Yukito Kishiro), Vampire Miyu (Narumi Kakinouchi), and Saint Tail (Megumi Tachikawa) - all bagged and boarded

I forgot to mention this, but I'd be interested in trades of English graphic novels for anything not listed on ebay. I'm mostly into girly comics, but anything relatively recent would be nice.
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