Sheri (kodora_chan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I have a lot of vhs for sale, also a sailor moon outer scout (Uranus Neptune and Pluto) wall scroll, very cute Uranus and Neptune are holding hands. also a sailor mars plushie. also a sasami wall scroll from tenchi surrounded by cabbits with hats on and she's in a very pretty princess dress and a ryo oki and kenoki plushies

The VHS and such

Sailor Moon S The love war, the orginal subtitled and the english tv version
Sailor Moon S pure hearts (first tape in the season) uncut vhs

Sailor Moon Super S Meaning of Love (very cute but missing it's cover, will probably sell it for very cheap) uncut vhs

Sailor Moon Super S Pegasus Collection VII very good dvd uncut

Sailor Moon S uncut Vol.6 the end of the series dvd

Sailor Moon Super S Amazon trio uncut vhs

Sailor Moon S Labyrnith uncut and english version

Sailor Moon S Hotaru's secret, original and english version

Sailor Moon R the movie uncut

Sailor Moon S secret destiny uncut

Sailor Moon Introducing sailor jupiter english version

Sailor Moon S birthday blues uncut

Sailor Moon Super S new powers uncut

Sailor Moon S Back from the future (Cover slightly dirty sold at discount) uncut

Sailor Moon Super S movie the black dream hole uncut

Sailor Moon S the secret reveled english version

Sailor Moon S The mysterious sailor english

Ranma 1/2 back to the Happosai VHS uncut dubbed

Kodomo No Omochai VHS could be bootleg don't know, but it has a very pretty case and cover ^-^ sub
Aquarian Age VHS (japanese rock band main characters) uncut and sub also could be bootleg but pretty c ase and cover

Those who hunt elves Ch. 5 distressed maidens VHS dubbed uncut

Those Who hunt elves Ch. 4 Ghostly encounters sub VHS uncut

Those Who hunt elves Ch. 2 Big showdowns VHS sub uncut

Those who hunt elves ch. 6 Final Trials VHS sub uncut

Ranma 1/2 desperatly seeking shampoo VHS uncut dub

Ranma 1/2 Pretty Womanhood vhs uncut sub

Ranma 1/2 Ukyo can cook VHS uncut dub

Ranma 1/2 goodbye girl type VHS uncut dub

Blue Seed Volume 1 uncut sub VhS

Ranma 1/2 cheastnuts roasting on an open fire VHS uncut dub

Ranma 1/2 Tv series vol. 4 uncut VHS dub

Dragan Ball Z Great Saiyaman unct dubbed VHS

Ranma 1/2 Happy's heart Vhs uncut dub

Ranma 1/2 Tv series vol 2. dubbed VHS uncut

Ranma 1/2 an Akane to remember vhs sub uncut

Ranma 1/2 cat fu fighting uncut dub

Ranma 1/2 Tv Series Vol. 1 (missing the cover) uncut vhs dub

Xtreme Anime (110 mins of really good anime music videos) vhs

The VHS and DVD are used but in good condition, will sell at bulk rates single and such. I will accept money orders and conceled cash at your risk. If you want pics/descriptions feel free to email me at or im me at kodorachan
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