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10 January 2005 @ 01:10 am
for sale or trade  
Here is a list of stuff I'm selling or trading


Fushigi Yuugi 1,3,8 (1 and 3 are 1st editions)
Real Bout Highschool 3,4

Heart 7

Ribon Phonebooks

Samurai X Ova 1 Trust
Samurai X Movie
Sin the Movie (17+)
Sailor Moon movies
sailor Moon Good Queen BAd Queen
Sailor MOon Secret Identies

Meet Sailor Moon

If your interested email me I have some cdrs of Jpop,Kpop and others if intersted.

marynard on January 10th, 2005 06:44 am (UTC)
What kpop? do you have bi? and if so what?
(Deleted comment)
marynard on January 10th, 2005 08:13 am (UTC)
I have all three Bi Rain albums, and Wheesung's first and second. I also have all episodes of Full House, Let's Go to School Sang Doo, and My love Pattzi in .avi which I can burn. (the first two have Bi in them) I'd love to have some Bi music videos or dvd's or whatever, that would be rockin' if somebody had some. I'm not really willing to get rid of my CD's though (too precious!)

lilstar86 on January 11th, 2005 07:40 am (UTC)
here is my cdr list
heres my cdr list:)

S#arp 5- style
Boa Don't start now
Boa Miracle
Boa No.1
Boa Atlantis Princess
Boa Listen to my heart
Utada Hikaru Single Automatic
Utada hikaru single for you
Utada HIkaru Distance
Utada HIkaru First Love
Utada HIkaru singles collection
Namie Amuro Concentration 20
Namie Amuro Sweet 19 Blues
Namie Amuro Single Please smile again
Morning Musume best 1
Speed Moment
Mai Kuraki Single Love day after tomarrow
Every little thing single Sure
Ayumi Hamasaki unite
Ayumi Hamasaki Evolution
Ayumi Hamasaki Dearest
Ayumi Hamsaki Endless sorrow
(the ayumi hamsakis are just a bunch of remixs of the song except track one which is the original)
Smtown Summer Vacation 2002
Smtown Angel eyes
Smtown Summer vacation 2003
Mix cd of kpop a little jpop and anime
Kingdom hearts soundtrack (2cds)
Final Fantasy X (4 cds)
Final Fantasy Viii (4 cds)

Gundam Seed 35-50 fansub