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Ok guys...I seriously need the money for my college textbooks. Things are tight right now money wise...the smallest bit would be a big help. Here are my items up for sale. If you would like to see pictures just let me know and I will post them for you....(have to use a friends web cam). Everything is in excellent condition, and I am willing to negotiate.

Manga: ($6)

1. Aquarian Age - Juvenile Orion, Vol. 1
2. Dragonball Z vol. 7
3. Dragonball Z vol. 8
4. Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol. 1
5. X/1999 vol. 1
6. X/199 vol. 8

DVD: ($10)

1. BlackJack (movie)
2. GTO - 3
3. GTO - 9

Tapes: ($5)

Dragonball Z -
1. Babadi: The Dark Prince Returns
2. Babadi: Rivals
3. Great Saiyaman: Crash Course
4. Fusion: Hope Returns
5. World Tournament: Junior Division
6. World Tournament: Black Out
7. Perfect Cell: Perfection

Other: ($15)

X/1999 Wallscroll (

Drawings: ($25)

Aya (

(Am willing to do commissions for any anime, jrock, whatever anyone is looking for to hang on thier wall or such).

Love and Peacea!

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